Frequently Asked Questions

• Are there membership dues?
Annual dues are $30 for individuals or $50 for couples.  Dues for the last half of the calendar year are half of the above.

• What advantages do members have?
Non-members are charged $10 more than members for book groups and $5 more for safaris, movies, and armchair adventures.  Members are invited to the program planning brunches, the annual meeting, and the retreat.

• How do I register for a program listed in the brochure?
Complete the registration form indicating the programs that you want.   Send it with your check to PALAC, 1015 N. Lake Ave., suite 108, Pasadena, CA  91104.

• What is a program planning brunch?
Twice a year we get together to share our ideas for new groups and safaris.  We then prepare the brochure of offerings for the next six months.

• What happens at the annual meeting?
Officers and members of the Board of Trustees are elected by the membership in attendance.  Following lunch, there is a speaker on a topic of interest.

• What is the retreat?
The retreat is a day-long event beginning with breakout sessions in which there are group discussions of up to four topics, each discussion lasting for about 40 minutes.  Attendees get to participate in all four.  After lunch there is a speaker.